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Sommer-Bully Bentley


Below you will see pictures of Bentley's Dam and Sire.
Also younger pics of Bentley and then current pics as of 8/2017, at 8 months old. Look for him to begin siring pups in early 2018!

Bentley is available in 2018 for stud service!


Bentley has a Sweet, Lower Energy Personality, and spends most of his time playing or lazing around. He not a dominant dog, and doesn't care if he is the boss. He has has not yet produced any pups. We will start proving him soon, with the focus on producing show quality pups.

If you might be considering Stud Service, Please take a look at our Stud Services Information.


Affectionate, Sweet, Independant, Lower Energy, Social


DOB: 1/2/2017

Registry: American Kennel Club (AKC)

Young Adult Weight: 27 to 30 lbs

Height: 11"

Length: 12"

Chest Width: 7"

Past Puppies Bentley has Sired

As Bentley sires pups, links to thier pages will be listed.