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Val has a laid back personality, and spends most of his time playing or lazing around. He is not a dominant dog, and doesn't care about being the boss. He has Produced many gorgeous pups for us since 2013. He replicates himself well, especially with male pups. Lots of wrinkles, deep set eyes and large heads. His pups (especially the males) tend to follow suit when it comes to heavy thick bones and solid structure. His Color is Blue Fawn, which is a Fawn coat base with Blue shimmer and blue mask and ears. The overall blue shimmer in his coat color can best be seen in natural sunlight, as opposed to indoor florescent lights.

If you might be considering Stud Service, he will produce all colors and coat patterns, depending upon the genetics from your female.


Affectionate, Cheerful, Independent, Quiet, Social


DOB: 7/8/2012

Registry: American Kennel Club (AKC)

Adult Weight: 30 to 34 lbs

Height: 12"

Length: 16"

Chest Width: 8"

Past Puppies Val has Sired in 2017

If you are interested in Puppies sired by Val, or using him for stud service, please click the links below to view pictures and video of Pups he has sired in 2017.