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AKA "Zsa Zsa"

Zsa Zsa

Zsa Zsa has a bubbly energetic personality and spends most of her time on your lap or following you around. She is not a submissive dog, and has a pretty solid independent mindset when it comes to other dogs. If she has the choice of being with other dogs and being with you, she will choose you.

Zsa Zsa has been retired and spayed since August 2017, she is in excellent health with a perfect body condition and fresh dental done in August 2017. All her medical records and history are included in her records pack provided to you when you adopt her. Zsa Zsa was placed in a home after retirement and had to be returned to us, thru no fault of her own. I am happy to explain the circumstance to you over the telephone, as well as provide you thru email the contact info and a personal letter about living with Zsa Zsa from the folks she was with. She did extremely well in a home environment.

If you might be considering Zsa Zsa as an adult adoption, please review our policies, contracts and required reading before contacting us.


Energetic, Excitable, Happy, Affectionate, Social


DOB: 7/5/2013

Registry: American Kennel Club (AKC)

Adult Weight: 21 to 24 lbs

Height: Data coming soon

Length: Data coming soon

Chest Width: Data coming soon